::Curt Warner 1988-89 Seattle Seahawks Riddell M155 Helmet::

Great example of a 1988-89 Seahawks Riddell M155 model helmet. All decals are correct, for the time period within this photo set, as they removed the clear edge from the decals for the first time that year. It was also the last year they had the wordmark decal, over the forehead sweatband, for Riddell endorsed helmets. ID is correct for that year, as the team had blue Dymo with the last name of the player just over the ear hole. Unique to the M155 is the decal along the center ridge, placed to protect air valves along top and back of the helmet. ID markers, as well as, M155 model helmet confirmed by Walt Loeffler(Seahawks Equipment Manager 1988) as a veritable Curt Warner issued helmet.


Introduced in 1983, the M155 model is similar to the Riddell Microfit (1970-81), yet, instead of the inflatable front forehead cell pad, it was replaced with a solid cushion pad held within a pocket of the forehead sweatband.

Below are two pictures of Curt Warner wearing the M155 model. The left picture shows Warner wearing the helmet in 1988 and has the clear vinyl decal down the center ridge, as well as, the shock absorbing fastener clip(within red box). Below right, is Warner in his final year with the Seahawks(1989), minus the shock absorbing clip and possible silver decal along the center ridge.